Kemsley, Gary – Casting About The Surf

Casting About the Surf by Gary Kemsley

Casting About the Surf by Gary KemsleyCasting About The Surf

by Gary Kemsley

Published by Halcyon Publishing Limited. First published 2006. ISBN 1877256625
22.0 x 14.0 centimeters. Soft Cover. 120 pages

He has been a regular columnist for a number of publications including New Zealand leaders such as Fishing News, Rod and Rifle, The Taupo Times, New Zealand Fisherman, and the Sunday News. While writing for these publications he always called his column CastingAbout. That name said it all, he was able to write on any facet of the fishing game that appealed. It allowed him to push to the exciting outer limits of the fishing scene as well as reporting on the mundane.

This book is made up of a series of Casting About articles. The ones chosen are educational, inspiring and at times controversial. They reflect the authors take on the New Zealand fishing scene and in some instances point out the tragic losses of access that we have suffered even in recent times fishing around the New Zealand coastline. They also point out the changing face of fishing and the fact that more people are taking to the water. Shared water with other fishermen or other water users is now a fact of life in many places. It does also show the other side, though, where with a little effort we can still experience the raw New Zealand experience of fishing wild untouched waters.

The idea behind publishing this collection of stories, advice and inspiration is to make the New Zealand angler aware of the ever-changing scene as well as the available resource.

Fishing is a sport which when taken seriously will offer exercise, excitement, education and the wonderful revelation that there is always more to learn about the sport we are involved in.

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