Hook Up On Snapper by Mark Kitteridge

Hook Up On Snapper by Mark Kitteridge.
Hook Up On Snapper by Mark Kitteridge.

Hook Up On Snapper by Mark KitteridgePublished in 2000 by Reed Books. ISBN 0 7900 0756 8. There are 127 pages in this edition. Size 240mm x 184 in paperback. There are 8 colour pages and a huge number of excellent black and white illustrations.

Snapper is the fish everyone wants to catch. They’re not hard to find, they’re exciting to catch, and they’re great to eat.

Mark Kitteridge shares his experience and expertise in this, his first book. From basic equipment to casting techniques and tips on matching tackle, to location and conditions, HOOK UP ON SNAPPER is chock full of useful information for beginner anglers.

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More experienced anglers will find useful information that will give them the edge over those who are less prepared. And the bait recipes at the end of the book are intriguing – double trouble pillie, anyone?

Mark began fishing for eels, cockabullies and ‘crawlies’ in the creeks of the Hutt Valley; nowadays, anything that swims is in danger. Between fishing trips he works at New Zealand Fishing News as their assistant editor. He has won many fishing contests, mostly for snapper and kingfish, and holds several national and world records, including one for the heaviest fly-caught yellowfin tuna in the world: a fish of 37 kg (82 lb), taken on a 10-kg tippet. Mark’s future ambitions include catching a snapper over 14 kg (30 lb). See also Hook Up On Kingfish by the same author, and Knots, Rigs and Baits – A Kiwi Guide, by Mark Kitteridge.

Mark has written a number of very good practical and well illustrated books on Fishing in New Zealand that I can highly recommend – Allan Burgess – Editor of Fishingmag.co.nz.

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