Doogue, Raymond and Morland, John – New Zealand Sea Anglers’ Guide

New Zealand Sea Anglers' Guide by Raymond Doogue and John Morland

New Zealand Sea Anglers' Guide by Raymond Doogue and John MorlandNew Zealand Sea Anglers’ Guide

by Raymond Doogue and John Morland

Illustrations by Eric Heath. Published by A.H. & A.W. Reed. First published 1960, reprinted 1961, 1964, 1966, 1969, 1973. ISBN 0 589 00271 6 Size: 225mm x 150mm. 313 pp. Black and White lineart. Hardcover.

This book is perhaps best known for the118 illustrations in contains of the most keenly-sought and commonly-caught New Zealand sea fish. For each species there are also notes on distinguishing features, colour, distribution, Habits, General, other names, how they are caught and their food qualities.

Though much of the text is dated it still contains much of interest. Subjects covered include: Sea Angling in New Zealand, Fish Habitats and Distribution, Sport Fish, Hooks, Lines, Rods and Reels, Accessories, Rigs, Surfcasting, Underwater Fishing, Boat Fishing, Fishing at Anchor, Big Game Fishing, and looking after your catch.

The book includes all sorts of interesting fishing information on a wide range of subjects such as: the advantages and disadvantages of fixed spool (eggbeaters) , threadline and freespool reels, making sinkers, ground baiting, spear fishing, and so on.

This book at 313 pages contains a wealth of valuable information that has hardly dated since it was first published. Well worth having if you can find a secondhand copy!

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