Clancey, Adam – Fishing New Zealand

Fishing New Zealand by Adam Clancey

Clancey, Adam - Fishing New ZealandFishing New Zealand

by Adam Clancey

Published by Daved Bateman Limited 2005. Size: 260mm x 200mm. 176pp. Beautifully illustrated with colour photographs in nearly every page. Soft cover.

I liked this book. It contains many original colour photographs which bring the text to life. As the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. There are also good colour pictures of many of the rigs, baits and lures discussed in the text.

Essentially Adam Clancey has written a sea fishing book which lists over 100 top fishing spots around the coastline of New Zealand. When you get there the author talks about which species you are likely to encounter, where to find them, and how to go about catching them. He lists the best baits, his recommended tackle and where the best places are to launch your boat.

Adam says in his preface “…that you should expect to catch the best fish every time you go fishing, but don’t be disappointed if you just succeed in having a good day out.” That sure is good advice! I knew a bloke once who always said fishing is a waste of time because he didn’t usually catch anything. Instead, you have to be like an All Black goal kicker who always expects the rugby ball to go between the uprights.

A good thing is that Adam Clancey doesn’t just point out the best boat fishing spots he also talks about where the good places are to go surfcasting and wharf fishing as well.

I know this sort of book won’t please some people as it will increase fishing pressure on their local hot spots.

My only gripe is that Fishing New Zealand covers very few spots in the South Island. Notably absent altogether are the two best sea fishing areas: Kaikoura and Fiordland. Only 15 of the books 176 pages cover the South Island. This might infer that sea fishing in the South Island isn’t that good which certainly isn’t the case. Although to be fair the best fishing in the South Island is well away from major centres of human population.

Notwithstanding this, the North Island is very well covered and many of the techniques mentioned will work just as well in the south of the country.

Well written, and with great illustrations, Fishing New Zealand is sure to improve your catch rate where ever you go fishing.

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