Angus, John – Confessions of a Billfisherman

Confessions of a Billfisherman - by John Angus.

Confessions of a Billfisherman - by John Angus.Confessions of a Billfisherman

by John Angus

Soft cover. 214pp. Size: 230mm x 150mm. Many colour photographs. Published by The Halcyon Press, Auckland, New Zealand. ISBN 1-877256-51-x First published 2005

John Angus is a dedicated billfisherman who has fished all over the world. He moved the family to New Zealand four years ago just to enjoy the South Pacific’s great bill fishing. His success as a billfisherman is almost without equal in New Zealand, with well over one hundred billfish tagged and released including blue, black and striped marlin, broadbill swordfish and short-billed spearfish.

Winner of the New Zealand Gamefish Council’s Peter and Noeline Short Memorial trophy for most tagged marlin and sharks and most tagged billfish for three years running, also the New Zealand gamefish Council’s Saul Trophy for most tagged gamefish. he and his son James, Team Primetime won the striped marlin section in the 2004 New Zealand National Tournament. As well he has numerous club titles and awards, including the Snooks and Lola Fuller Conservation Trophy.

Inside this book of “confessions,” you will find exciting tales of battles with marlin to well over 1000 pounds and arduous struggles with unseen monsters in the darkness, the “Holy Grail” for all billfishermen the gladiatorial broadbill swordfish. The long hours of trolling, the determination required to fish far offshore come rain or shine, the urge to fish for the giants of the oceans and those divine moments of madness when a marlin strikes the lure are magnificently captured in this book by a gifted author.

A student of the history of big-game fishing, the author has produced a list of the biggest and most important rod and reel captures of broadbill swordfish since fishing began for them in the early 1990s. For the first time ever, this unique and historically fascinating record is published in this book.

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