Veale, Michael – Fishing Lures – A Practical Guide

Fishing Lures - A Practical Guide by Michael Veale.

Fishing Lures - A Practical Guide by Michael Veale.Fishing Lures – A Practical Guide

by Michael Veale

First published 1992. ISBN 0-948253-58-4. Published by The Sportsman’s Press. London.  Hardback 113pp Some colour pages.

In this comprehensive and very practical guide, Michael Veale discusses the spinning lure; plugs and wobblers; home-made spinners and spinners of foreign, manufacture; light spinners and fly-spinners; fly lure tying techniques and easy-to-make lures, mounts and spinners.

Michael Veale includes many of his own fly lures and spinning line patterns which have proved their worth in many years of experimentation by the author and fishing friends. Everything included has been comprehensively tested on trout, salmon, pike and perch. He also brings in, from time to time, actual experiences when he has used a particular
lure on a fishing day and tips for successful angling with artificial bait.

Fishing Lures: A Practical Guide is a helpful and informative handbook of great value to that large and growing number of fishermen who use this type of tackle.