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The Masters on the Nymph – Michael Migel, Leonard M. Wright, Jr.

The Masters on the Nymph

The Masters on the Nymph. Edited by Michael Migel and Leonard M. Wright, Jr. Illustrated by Dave Whitlock. 272pp 185mm x 260mm. Hardcover. First published by Nick Lyons Books, New York, in 1979. ISBN 0 510 22533-0

The Masters on the Nymph

Nymphs are the most versatile imitation in the fly-fishers box. Here, in a single book. is a coordinated treasury of nymphing history and lore. sound entomological guidance, tying advice, and how-to instruction, written by authoritative fly fishermen from every section of the country. Each writes on his speciality. Each writes about a locale and about special conditions and problems that he understands best.

The seventeen contributors deal in-depth with such topics as the evolution of nymph fishing, the life cycles of the naturals, how to tie the best imitations, positioning yourself in the stream, reading the water, special casts and nymphing techniques, nymphing rods, lines, and leaders, pattern selection, nymph-fishing in lakes, and much more. Each contributor then records several of his favourite nymph patterns.

Years of experience have led each writer to consider his aspect of nymph-fishing as the most critical. For one, it is a recognition of the differences in shape, lifestyle, and behaviour of the insects being imitated. For another, it is the presentation. Others say it’s the ability to read water—or manipulation of the artificial, or the depth at which the nymph is fished, or when it is fished. Never before
has a book on this most complex of fly-fishing methods combined such a variety of successful techniques from so many accomplished fishermen. THE MASTERS ON THE NYMPH provides the basics for beginners, and, for those with years of experience, a wealth of information
and authoritative tips.

Detail of Wiggle Nymph, Carl Richards.

J MICHAEL MIGEL has also edited The Masters on the Dry Fly and The Stream Conservation Handbook. He is a founding director of The American League of Anglers.

LEONARD M. WRIGHT, JR. is the author of Fishing the Dry Fly as a Living Insect and Fly-Fishing Heresies. His articles have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The American Sportsman, Fly Fisherman, Sports Afield, and elsewhere.

Book jacket painting by Dave Whitlock; original owned by Bill Jackson


Al McClane, Frank Sawyer, Ernest Schwiebert V. S. Hidy, Al Caucci, Chuck Fothergill, Bob Nastasi, Sid Neff, Poul Jorgensen, Charles Brooks, Al Troth, Brian Clarke, Lefty Kreh, Byron Dalrymple, Carl Richards, Steve Raymond, Dave Whitlock, Ed Zern, Len Wright.

Full of illustrations and text that provides endless inspiration. This wonderful book is timeless. If you aspire to fish the rivers that flow into Lake Taupo fishing the nymph is the way to go. Allan Burgess.

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