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River Song by Mark – Fishing in the Wilds of New Zealand and Australia

River Song – Fishing in the Wilds of New Zealand and Australia

by Mark Cloutier

River Song – Fishing in the Wilds of New Zealand and Australia by Mark Cloutier.

Celebrated fishing writer Mark Cloutier reveals his favourite waters across Australia and New Zealand in River Song.

Every fisher has a special stretch of water, where the fish are always plentiful and the memories flow. Acclaimed FlyLife writer Cloutier lets readers in on his most revered fishing spots collected over four decades, from the Snowy Mountains to the Nelson Lakes and the Great Dividing Range to the Maruia River.

Accompanied by over 50 stunning black-and-white photos, each tale conjures the romance of days spent chasing the perfect catch and the insight that only quiet hours spent in the wild can bring.

‘Although there’s plenty of practical advice here,’ said Cloutier, ‘this book is more about why we fish, what makes it special and how it makes us feel.’

A loving ode to fishing’s power to soothe the soul, River Song will appeal to all nature lovers as well as the more than 5 million Australians who participate in recreational fishing (ABS) and the 120,000 who are members of fishing clubs.

About the author

Over four decades, Mark Cloutier has fished across the world, from the Snowy Mountains to the Spanish Pyrenees, to Yellowstone National Park – the wilder and more remote, the better. His writing has been published in Drake, Freshwater Fishing, Modern Fishing, Fishing World, and he is a feature writer for the highly acclaimed magazine FlyLife.

Publication: 24 September 2019
Category: Sport
Hardback: 240 pages
RRP: $35
ISBN: 9781925870565

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