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Kreh, Lefty – Fly Fishing in Salt Water – Third Revised Edition

Fly Fishing in Salt Water

by Lefty Kreh

Third Revised and Fully Augmented edition, with illustrations by Rod Walinchus. Published 1986 and 1997. ISBN 1-55821-590-5.  321 pages, mostly black and white, with some colour photos of fly patterns. 240mm x 160mm in hardback.

Twenty years ago, Fly Fishing in Salt Water pioneered this new territory for fly fishers. Now, with over thirty thousand copies sold and in a fully updated, revised, and expanded edition, Lefty Kreh has yet again brought his classic work up-to-date. In clear, practical terms and helpful photographs and line drawings, Fly Fishing in Salt Water treats the techniques needed to catch all the major saltwater species – bonefish, tarpon, striped bass, bluefish, salmon, permit, snook, sharks, cobia, tuna, billfish, and more.

The book shows how to fish from boats and how to wade the flats, and fully explains all the tackle needed and how to use it for specific jobs – the rods, the lines and leaders, and the flies (shown in full colour).

Lefty provides superb advice about how to make the long casts necessary for fishing the fly in the salt water, how to “tease” sailfish and other large fish to within fly-casting range, how to chum, and how to tie the necessary knots for saltwater fishing. New chapters include Knots and Leaders, Flies, Tackle, Inshore Fly Fishing, and Boats.

Fly Fishing in Salt Water is based on firsthand experience by an acknowledged master. It is the saltwater fly fisher’s bible.

“If you are a serious saltwater fly fishing fanatic you must have this book in your library. It covers every aspect of lures and tackle, including selection, setting up your gear, casting, and how to go about catching serious big fish and heaps more! It is one of this rare titles you will find yourself referring to again and again.” – Allan Burgess

Bernard “Lefty” Kreh was born 26 February 1926. He passed away on 14 March 2018.

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