Goadby, Peter – Saltwater Gamefishing Offshore and Onshore

Saltwater Gamefishing - Offshore and Onshore by Peter Goadby.
Saltwater Gamefishing - Offshore and Onshore by Peter Goadby.

Saltwater Gamefishing - Offshore and Onshore by Peter GoadbySaltwater Gamefishing – Offshore and Onshore

by Peter Goadby

Published by Collins New Zealand . First published 1991. ISBN 1-86950-040-7. Size: 300mm x 215mm. 342pp total. Many coloured, and black and white photographs, and line drawings. Hard cover.

Saltwater Gamefishing examines all aspects of world saltwater game fishing both onshore and offshore. Whether you are fishing for giant billfish in deep water oceans or from rocky headlands or angling for lighter gamefish in rivers or estuaries, Saltwater Gamefishing will provide you with all the necessary details of where to find them, how to fish for them and the equipment you will need. All the main species of gamefish are identified, with illustrations and maps showing world distribution.

Saltwater Gamefishing also includes information on how to rig bait, troll lures, take a leader, and handle a gaff. It provides advice on suitable rods, reels and tackle, and when and how to use it. There is also vital information on selecting an appropriate boat and dealing with charter boat crews. In addition, the rules of competitive fishing are outlined, as is their importance in world records.

Saltwater Gamefishing emphasises the need for conservation of fish stocks and for the first time provides information on how to capture, tag and release billfish, tuna and other gamefish. Correct techniques for wiring and gaffing fish to follow for successful resuscitation of the released fish are described.

Lavishly illustrated with over 120 full colour and 100 black and white photographs, Saltwater Gamefishing also includes more than 200 diagrams and illustrations to help identify species and explain technical information.