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Fitzgerald, f Stop – Secrets of the Saltwater Fly Tips and Tales from the World’s Great Anglers

Secrets of the Saltwater Fly Tips and Tales from the World’s Great Anglers

by f-stop Fitzgerald

Published by Bulfinch Press, Little, Brown and Company (Inc) Boston, New York, Toronto, London First published 2005 ISBN 0-8212-2308-9. Size: 210mm x 210mm.118pp. Lavishly illustrated with 47 colour photographs.

A glimpse at the craft and craftsmen behind the fastest-growing form of fishing today, Secrets of the Saltwater Fly includes:

Over 40 striking colour photographs of some of the most famous and successful saltwater flies, including the Big Game Key Lime Squid, Bionic Butterfish, Hot Lips, Kildonan Killer, Sea Wulff, Marquesa Sunrise Special, Crustacean A.D.,
Chernobyl Crab, Snook-a-roo, Kirk’s Rattle Rouser, and more.

Recollections and fishing tips from Lefty Kreh, Chico Fernandez, Bob Clouser, D. L. Goddard, Bill Catherwood, Del Brown, Lou Tabory, and other leading tiers.

Information on suppliers and materials so you can find your favourite flies or tie them yourself.
Contact information for fly-fishing and conservation organisations.

Diagrams and instructions for popular knots.

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