Fishes of the Open Ocean – A Natural History & Illustrated Guide

Fishes of the Open Ocean by Julian Pepperell. Illustrated by Guy Harvey.

Fishes of the Open Ocean – A Natural History & Illustrated Guide by Julian Pepperell – Illustrated by Guy Harvey

The largest, swiftest, highest leaping, fastest growing and most migratory fishes on the planet all live in the open ocean and have beautifully adapted to their world. They are all here in Fishes of the Open Ocean – A Natural History & Illustrated Guide. They range from tiny driftfish to plankton-straining whale sharks to streamline predators such as wahoo, tuna, marlin and sailfish. 

Fishes of the Open Ocean, from leading Australian marine biologist and world authority on Oceanic fishes, Julian Pepperell is the first book to describe these fishes and detail their biology and the complex, often fragile world in which they lived.

This unique guide provides information on all significant species – billfishes, tuna and pelagic sharks and rays – and insights into many lesser-known ones, including flying fish, Lancet the fish, giant sunfish, and the enigmatic oarfish.

Global distribution Maps, original illustrations from renowned artist Guy Harvey and stunning images from the world’s leading underwater photographers allow for ready species identification.

Divers, anglers, mariners and anyone with an interest in the ocean will find this book an essential reference.

Author of Fishes of the Open Ocean

Julian Pepperell, PhD, is one of Australia’s best-known marine biologists and a recognised world authority on billfishes (marlin and sailfish), tuna and sharks.

Julian has researched these fishes in partnership with universities and governments for over 30 years and is an adjunct professor at several universities. He is a past president of the Australian Society for Fish Biology and recipient of the prestigious Conservation Award from the International Game Fish Association.


Guy Harvey is a unique blend of artist, scientist, diver, angler and conservationist. In 1999 he collaborated with the oceanographic centre of Nova Southeastern University to create the Harvey Research Institute, providing scientific information for effective Conservation and restoration of fish resources and biodiversity.

Published by University of Chicago Press in March 2010. Hard Cover. 266pp. ISBN 9780226655390