Calcutt, Ron and Simpson, Tim – The Book of Lures

The Book of Lures by Ron Calcutt and Tim Simpson.

Calcutt, Ron and Simpson, Tim - The Book of LuresThe Book of Lures

by Ron Calcutt and Tim Simpson

First published 2004. ISBN 0 7318 1208 5. Published by Simon & Schuster (Australia) Pty Ltd. Hardback 321pp. Excellent colour photographs and black and white line art. Hardcover.

Until now, selecting the best lure from the vast array available has been bewildering. Two of the most experienced and respected anglers in the field have compiled this definitive guide, distilling the many thousands of lures available into 12 fundamental lure styles and their unique features. This practical information will save you a fortune in ‘dud’ lures and wasted fishing trips. Ron Calcutt and Tim Simpson cut through the many myths about fishing and lures to present the facts about how fish feel, see, hear and hunt underwater and what triggers them to attack. This means less time spent waiting and hoping for the fish to bite.

Learn about size, colour, speed, sound and design, as well as knots, leaders, new super lines, fish-finding techniques and the critical strike zone.

With hundreds of colour photographs and illustrations, and a comprehensive glossary, The Book of Lures is the essential companion for all anglers.

Ron Calcutt is best known for the creation of Australia ‘s first serious sportfishing magazine, The Australian Angler, later known as Fishing World, which sets the standard for sportfishing journalism. In partnership with film­maker Ossie Emery, Ron presented and co-produced 13 fishing films, including ‘A Fisherman’s World’ for the ABC – the first sportfishing adventure series to air on Australian television,

He is also the author of the bestselling fishing guide Ron Calcutt’s Complete Book of Fishing.

Now retired, Ron lives in Boonah, Queensland, where he fishes the local dams for bass.

For 23 years Tim Simpson ran two of Australia ‘s leading fishing tackle stores. His role involved evaluating the world’s tackle and testing it on everything from stream trout to 500-kilogram marlin, Tackle manufacturers around the world regularly seek Tim’s advice, He’s achieved five World Records for fishing, as well as dozens of national records, tournament wins and awards. In 1996 he was appointed an advisor to the New South Wales Minister for Fisheries.