Bingham, Charles – Sea Trout – How To Catch Them

Sea Trout - How To Catch Them by Charles Bingham, Trout fishing in England

Sea Trout - How To Catch Them by Charles Bingham, Trout fishing in EnglandSea Trout – How To Catch Them

by Charles Bingham

Published by Swan Hill Press, an imprint of Airlife Publishing Ltd, Shrewsbury, England. Hardback 159pp Colour and black and white photographs. Hard cover. ISBN 1 85310 894 4 – First published 1998.

Sea Trout – How to Catch Them, is a book that comprehensively approaches the subject of catching these fine fish. It covers all aspects of sea trout fishing, including identification, tackle, and tactics to use by day and at night, fly fishing, spinning, worming and dapping. A major section of the book takes the reader to various rivers in England , Scotland and Wales to meet the experts who fish them, and their highly successful methods are revealed.

Sea trout on their return to the river of their birth from the sea are truly wild fish. To catch them at night is a lonely, testing experience, whilst catching your first sea trout on a moonlit night is an unforgettable and rewarding experience. If the reader follows the experienced author’s advice, he is sure to be successful.

The Author

Charles Bingham is a game fisher with extensive experience on the many rivers and lochs of the British Isles . He lives on Dartmoor where he has fished for half a century. From his Moorland House, he has written six acclaimed books on fly fishing and is chairman of the Register of Experienced Fly Fishing Instructors and Schools (REFFIS). He also holds the Salmon and Trout Association National Instructor’s Certificate (STANIC). His previous work includes The Game Fishing Year, Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing – a Practical Guide, and The River Test. The author has also written for numerous angling publications.