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Webpages, ebooks, video and Fishingmag.co.nz FREE Membership

Webpages, eBooks, Videos and Fishingmag.co.nz Free Membership

Allan Burgess on the lower Waimakariri River.
Allan Burgess at his favourite haunt: the tidal zone below the bridges on the Waimakariri River. I have fished this section for sea-run brown trout almost every spring for 30 years. Although there is always some fluctuation in fish numbers from year to year, for the most part, the fishing there has always been very good. Being so close to Christchurch the lower Waimakariri River has always been popular as an “after work fishery.” It is probably the most highly fished river in New Zealand.

PDF ebooks are good when downloaded to mobile phones. It makes it easy to take a whole heap of books with you where ever you go. I find this very useful especially if I’m in a doctor’s waiting room, for example. You don’t have to search through the stack of magazines as you already have plenty of good reading material in your pocket. Because you were the one who searched the Internet and downloaded those ebooks in the first place they’re obviously going to be on subjects you are very interested in. When your pdf ebooks are on your phone you don’t need to be connected to the internet to read them!

However nowadays many prefer to learn new things and be entertained by watching videos. You can’t really include videos in a PDF ebook without making the PDF file size enormous. Another disadvantage of PDF e-books is that they are difficult to update with the latest information. Sure you could make a later version of the same book but this would need to be uploaded to a server, and then downloaded again. This operation would hardly be worth the trouble if there were only relatively minor improvements and additions made. 

The modern way of solving this problem is to create a membership site which has a number of key advantages over a PDF ebook. Webpages can be easily updated.  Members can view them anytime – provided they have an internet connection. Videos and audio can be quickly & easily included. Just as importantly new videos, text, and photographs can be added to an existing article or ebook and viewed by the member, or ebook purchaser, at their own convenience without having to download a pdf. Please note, for those who still want to read their ebook as a pdf, as well as on-line, no problem. We give you a link to the pdf version as well. 

To see how all of this works in practice take a look at The Complete Guide to Sea-Run Trout Fishing by Allan Burgess-On-Line Version (Members Only). If you are logged-in with your FREE Membership access you will be able to view these pages. If you are not logged-in you will get the following: Sorry, you don’t have access to view this page. The content that you tried to access is reserved for members of Fishingmag.co.nz

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Sea-Run Trout Online Ebook front page looks like this after logging-in with FREE Membership Access. It covers 8 large webpages plus you get a pdf version to download if you wish. The best thing is we are adding to this online version with new exclusive videos, text and photographs. 

The Complete Guide to Sea-Run Trout Fishing by Allan Burgess – Online Version. (Members Only).

 This ebook is now online at Fishingmag.co.nz with free access to those with Free Membership. It is the same as the PDF version – which is included as a FREE download. The link is at the bottom of the last page. We will be updating the online version with new videos, text and pictures. By confirming your free email subscription we can let you know when a number of updates have been made. 

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