Fish Hooks the Price Comes Down, Driving in Water, Tying Fishing Rigs

Crossing shallow water by Toyota 4×4 in the lower Waimakariri River. Fish hooks
Crossing shallow water by Toyota 4×4 in the lower Waimakariri River.

Crossing to a Temporary Island in the Waimakariri River

I was at the mouth of the Waimakariri River yesterday and although the river flow remains very low, there were five salmon caught early in the day. Kahawai is still at the Waimakariri River mouth for anyone interested in chasing them.

The river is so low now in its lower reaches that you can drive all the way down the middle of the riverbed across the section known a “Colombo Street” almost as far as the Banana Hole. Anglers familiar with the Waimakariri River will be aware that this is quite unusual.

A shallow braid now separates the large exposed island formed in the middle of the river downtream from the old highway bridge. This braid is almost completely dry at low tide, It is amusing to watch anglers arriving at this braid in their 4×4 trucks. They can see other trucks on the opposite side and so must decide if they should also take the risk of driving through the water. Some do. Others (wisely) avoid the risk!

Cheaper Fish Hooks

Following on from a recent post on the Fishingmag Forum where we were talking about the price of fishing tackle today versus twenty years ago. Much of the fishing gear available now is, I believe, better quality for the price. Overall fishing gear is generally less expensive than it was. This is due to more relaxed import restrictions nowadays combined with modern production techniques and materials.

Braided lines are now quite cheap to buy and are used by almost every angler.

In particular, the price of chemically sharpened 5/0 Suicide hooks has come down enormously since then. I remember at that time the much sort after high-quality Gamakatsu 5/0 chemically sharpened fish hooks were about one dollar each.

During a quick look in K-Mart today I spotted plastic boxes containing 100 red chemically sharpened Jarvis Walker 5/0 Suicide shaped hooks for just ten dollars, or 10 cents per hook. I know there are going to be anglers out there who say that comparing Jarvis Walker and Gamakatsu is like comparing Toyota and Rolls Royce but these “budget” hooks look alright to me and serve as a good example of just how much less expensive some items of fishing tackle are nowadays!

Tying Your Own Fishing Rigs

Those anglers who have been reading the articles on Fishingmag will know that learning to tie your own fishing rigs is an important angling skill to master. Tying your own surfcasting rigs, flasher rigs, bait rigs, and so on, not only saves a lot of money, but it also makes it possible to tailor rigs to your own style of fishing.

You can make improved designs and test them on your next fishing trip. It is also very satisfying to catch fish on something you have made yourself. Here is the category on tying your own rigs.


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