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Fishing the Mackenzie Country Canals around Twizel during winter can be a challenge. You get some great winter days but it gets very cold at night. The rainbows especially are in spawning mode during winter and are more easily targeted. I don't like fishing when it is raining or snowing, but you have to be prepared for anything when fishing in the Mackenzie Country during winter time.
Fishing the Hurunui River gut, February 2017.more
Jet-boat heading up-stream from the Hurunui River mouth February 2017.more
Jet-boat in the Hurunui River lagoon.more
View looking north-east from the cliffs above the Hurunui River mouth, February 2017. The shape of the lagoon and position of the river mouth are constantly changing as a consequence of wave action, tide, and river flow volumes. Sometimes the river can exit the lagoon at the far end near the hills at the top left of this picture. When it does anglers have a long walk to get to the mouth proper.more
View looking back upstream from the north side of the Hurunui River mouth.more
The sea off the Hurunui River mouth looks rough. A couple of days of nor-west wind soon flattens it out.more
Allan Burgess with a silver sea-run salmon from the Hurunui River mouth lagoon.more
Salmon anglers gathered on a shingle bar near the north side of the Hurunui River mouth, February 2017.more
Salmon anglers wading across the lagoon to access the north side of the river mouth. February 2017. The wet stones indicate the high tide mark when there would have been little "freeboard" at the top of your waders.more
A quad bike on the shingle spit on the south side of the Hurunui River mouth. February 2017. The rider has traveled down the spit from the Blythe River Valley.more
In this photograph big sweeper waves can be seen coming over the shingle spit on the south side of the Hurunui River mouth during the top of the tide. Salmon anglers wisely wear life-jackets and keep a constant eye on the sea when fishing these more dangerous spots.more
Nik Christidis and Charles Smith with limit bags from the Hurunui River mouth 22 March 2017.more
Walking down the steep cliff track to access the Hurunui River mouth. Going back up can be hard work on a hot nor-west day while wearing waders and carrying all your gear, plus hopefully a salmon or two!more
Anglers fishing the upstream end of the Hurunui River gut.more
Charles Smith with a good salmon taken in the surf at the mouth of the Hurunui River, February 2017.more
Salmon anglers fishing the lower Hurunui River from the landward side of the Hurunui River, February 2017.more
Allan Burgess caught this salmon at the Hurunui River mouth lagoon. Hard to beat white zed spinners with a dash of bright green paint.more
Mark Preston with a salmon caught during the 2016-2017 season. Photo courtesy of Charles Smith.more

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