Stuck in the Waimakariri River

Stuck in the Waimakariri River

A snatch strap is better than rope!
A snatch strap is better than a rope!

I snapped these pictures of a bloke who had managed to get his Mitsubishi 4WD vehicle stuck in loose gravel on the north bank of the Waimakariri River between the two bridges. It can happen to anyone!

This particular part of the Waimakariri River is subject to tidal influence even though it is some five kilometres from the river’s mouth at Pines Beach. If you park too close to the edge the rising tide can catch you out. It is surprising just how quickly the river can rise with the tide this far inland.

Once the bottom of your 4wd is sitting on the stones any amount of spinning the wheels makes no difference. The “soft” mixture of sand and gravel is like quicksand.

There is really only one answer and that is to be towed out by another vehicle. Better still two vehicles may be needed to budge a tightly held 4wd.

These two 4wd's pulled the Mitsubishi out no problem.
This two 4wd’s pulled the Mitsubishi out no problem.

You need a good quality long snatch strap to pull a vehicle in these situations. A snatch strap loads up a bit like a rubber band and is far better than a nylon rope. A snatch strap will set you back at least $NZ60 but you need one if you are going off-roading. There is nothing worse than finding someone to give you a tow only to discover that neither of you has a rope or snatch strap.

When travelling to out-of-the-way fishing locations in just one vehicle it pays to be extra cautious. You could end up walking for many miles in search of a tow. What a waste of good fishing time that would be!

4x4 stuck in the river.
Stuck in the mud on the bed of the Waimakariri River. As capable as modern 4x4s are sometimes you still have to get out and walk.


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