Rakaia River Mouth Sea-run Brown Trout, Salmon and Kahawai Fishing

Surf fishing the Rakaia River mouth at first light for kahawai and sea-run brown trout.

Surf fishing the Rakaia River mouth at first light for kahawai and sea-run brown trout. Sea-run brown trout, salmon and kahawai Some years the Rakaia River can experience unusually low flows over summer. During October and November we can expect at least one or two big floods to come down sweeping all before them, however some years this doesn’t More...

by Allan Burgess | Published 5 months ago
Fishing at the Benmore Salmon Farm near Twizel.
By Allan Burgess On Monday, January 5th, 2015

Ohau Canal in the MacKenzie Country – Salmon Fish Farm Gages

Mckenzie Country Ohau Canal One of my favorite fishing areas is the MacKenzie Basin and one of my favorite towns is Twizel. Sound strange! What about Queenstown, or the twin lakes of Nelson or a dozen other gems More...

Look for areas where the trout can dive back into the deep for security.
By Allan Burgess On Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Secrets of Lake Fishing – John Hey shares many good Lake Fishing Tips

The author in the high country. Lake Fishing for Trout Apart from warm nights when I go after work to fish the brown beetle rise during November, ninety percent of my fishing is done in the lakes of the South Island. More...

Doll fly featured image
By Allan Burgess On Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Luminous Trout Flies – Doll Fly – Night Fishing Trout Flies and Lures – Night Fishing Video

Doll flies with bodies of Aurora skirt strip work very well on trout after dark. Luminous Trout Flies Fishing at night with luminous flies, and lures, allows you to get the most from a full day of fishing. There More...

This pretty 4 lb rainbow trout was taken on a Caddis immitation.
By Allan Burgess On Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

John Hey takes up the challenge of fly fishing on some of Canterbury’s larger rivers

Fly Fishing Big Canterbury Rivers View of the Waitaki Dam from the mouth of the Awakino River. By late summer most small rivers and streams are well past their best, through low water and being over fished. Most More...

Warren Kemp 8kg rainbow trout featured
By Allan Burgess On Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Rainbow Trout – Oncorhynchus mykiss – Identification Guide

These are rainbow trout caught in Canterbury’s Lake Selfe. The top fish is a jack in spawning colours. The second is a much less colourful hen fish. Note that these fish have spots on their tails whilest brown More...

Lake Selfe brown trout featured image
By Allan Burgess On Friday, November 7th, 2014

Brown Trout – Salmo trutta – Identification Guide

Large brown trout weighing 3 kg caught at Lake Selfe in the Canterbury high country. Brown Trout Salmo trutta – Colouration, Identification, and Introduction into New Zealand The brown trout has been by far More...