Tuna Circle Hook

Tuna circle hook

Self Setting Tuna Circle Hooks Circle hooks are used for commercial long-lining. They are also called G hooks or tuna circle hooks. Tuna circle hooks are mostly used for catching fish other than pelagic species such as snapper. The advantage of a circle hook is that it rotates when a fish bites on it causing it to self-set in the mouth of the fish. More...

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Gamakatsu Live Bait hooks.
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Gamakatsu Hooks Profile by Chris Wong

Puka Flash. Gamakatsu Hooks Fishing hooks have been around for centuries helping put a bit of meat on the table, especially if man was having an off day with broken bow strings or blunt spear tips! Those days of More...

Power-baiter featured
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Mustad EZ Baiter Fish Hooks

Mustad EZ Baiter or Power-Baiter hook. Mustad E-Z Baiter 39975 hook. Mustad EZ Baiter Hooks There are three different versions of the Mustad EZ Baiter 3997 series auto baiter long line hook; these being the 39975, More...